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Ideas 2 Reality Project

Our mission is to encourage the next generation to create, believe and achieve. Every great business started as just an idea and with the right mindset, an idea can be transformed into reality. 

The Ideas 2 Reality project will aim to:

  • Promote creativity and entrepreneurialism for the next generation

  • Engage with the students that may not be developing well in the school system and offer them an opportunity to express themselves

  • Offer a practicality side rather than just ideas

  • Inspire students and spark a mindset into thinking that anything is possible to achieve if they apply themselves correctly

We are currently rolling out the project in selected schools in the Midlands on a trial basis and aim to launch in schools nationwide in 2018.


Please do not hesitate to contact us, If you have any questions about:

  • Enrolling your school/Academy

  • Volunteering work  

  • Partnership 

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